EVs Could Lead to More Tire, Glass Replacements

March 11, 2020

Electric vehicles cause a decline in maintenance and service in some areas, while others might need more attention.

March 11, 2020—With the move to more electric vehicles, the typical automotive dealer will suffer 35 percent declines in maintenance and service revenue, according to a recent TechCrunch report. 

Electric vehicles often use a process of regenerative braking, which slows vehicles down while also saving energy. However, with the move to electric vehicles, tires are consumed at a higher rate than combustion engines.They're heavier and create near-instant torque, according to the report. EVs will have less of a service shop but the report predicts they'll need more tire replacement.

The tire segment accounts for the largest share of about 33 percent in 2018 of market growth for the automotive repair and maintenance service market. Services in this tire segment include tire replacement. 

And, electric cars have more demands for cooling. They need to be efficient when cooling the cabin and careful not to impact vehicle range. So, electric vehicles will need more efficient glass materials and repairs on those materials.