Two VIP Tires Techs Reach World Class Status

March 3, 2020

VIP Tires and Service announced today that two of its technicians, Brian Haskell and Brent Runnals, have earned ASE World Class Technician status.

March 3, 2020—VIP Tires and Service announced today that two of its technicians, Brian Haskell and Brent Runnals, have earned ASE World Class Technician status, joining an elite group of automotive service industry professionals, according to a press release.

To achieve this level of certification, technicians must undergo rigorous voluntary testing and successfully obtain Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification in 22 specialty areas. Currently, there are 879,000 automotive technicians working in the United States; of those technicians, 300,000 are ASE certified, but only 2,000 have achieved World Class status. With the recent achievement by VIP’s Haskell and Runnals, VIP now has seven of its technicians holding the title.

Brian Haskell has been in the automotive field for over 17 years and joined VIP three years ago as Assistant Manager of their Windham, Maine location. After showing his dedication to the company, his team, and his profession, Brian was promoted to Master Technician at VIP’s Portland location.  Brian is the second ASE World Class Technician on staff at VIP in Portland.

With 20 years in the automotive industry, Brent Runnals started as a Master Technician at the VIP West Lebanon, N.H., store when it opened in August 2018. In the 18 months since, he has dedicated a great amount of time studying for the next level of ASE certification, and just completed the rigorous testing for World Class Technician in early February 2020.

To achieve World Class Technician Status, Haskell and Runnals had to complete and successfully pass ASE testing in 22 specialty areas. Each of the content specific exams has 50 to 75 questions, and we’re created and administered by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.