SpeeDee Oil Change Turns 40

Jan. 9, 2020

SpeeDee is marking its 40th with some customer rewards and franchisee incentives for additional licenses.

Jan. 9, 2020—This year marks the 40th anniversary for SpeeDee Oil Change and Auto Service. The company says it's running special offers, festivities and other customer appreciation events to celebrate, according to a press release.

“SpeeDee franchisees are committed to their customers’ satisfaction and are dedicated to the brand as evidenced by high customer loyalty and a significant number of franchisees who have been with the brand for decades," FullSpeed Automotive CEO Kevin Kormondy said in the release. "Their commitment to education and training is demonstrated by the SpeeDee Performance Certified program where owners and their employees complete vigorous automotive service testing to achieve this certification."

SpeeDee says it will also reward franchisees by offering a special license program called the 40/40. As part of the 40/40 program, existing franchisees can purchase additional licenses at a 40 percent discount and obtain a 40 percent royalty rebate for the first four full quarters of operation of a new store.