Technician Cell Phone Usage Report Released

Jan. 7, 2020

The study weighs in on the latest findings regarding cell phone usage in bays at independent repair shops.

Jan. 7, 2020—Automotive research firm IMR released findings from a study of cell phone usage in bays at independent repair shops and found that most are using mobile devices regularly to help with everyday business.

While nearly all technicians own a cell phone or similar device, 57 percent of the devices will end up in the technician’s working bay as a part of their daily toolkit, according to IMR.

The study found that 87.4 percent of technicians are actively using their cell phones for work in the bay to access the following: technical information, technician manual sites, catalog information, parts manufacturer websites for technical or product information, ordering parts and watching training or instructional videos and content.

“Smartphones and tablets play such an important role in how so many industries are doing business,” said IMR President Bill Thompson. “The automotive aftermarket is by no means immune to this trend. Technicians have more access than ever to the important information they need to provide excellent service, and it’s critical for parts manufacturers, distributors and shop owners to understand how reaching technicians is changing in this digital age.”

Mobile devices are becoming more common in the quick lube world as well. Brands are testing and rolling out mobile check-in services, mobile-based POS and checkout software and other technologies. Read about web-based POS in the January issue of NOLN.