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March 1, 2018
Plastic wrap in a can, coolant for Asian & European vehicles, new line of batteries, fix for oil leaks, gloves with grip and much more comprise the latest in products and services.

Plastic Wrap in a Can

Penray recently introduced their innovative aerosol Connector Seal 7015. The product is designed to spray onto assembled electrical connectors and form a flexible yet durable protective seal that keeps out water, road salt and other debris, while protecting the electrical connectors within. It is weather-proof and offers a quick set-up to dry time.

Penray Connector Seal conforms to any shape or size connection and, being clear, does not obstruct the ability to view the color-coding of electrical wires. It is fast-drying, 50-state compliant and available in 10-ounce aerosol cans.

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Coolant for Asian & European Vehicles

Prestone Products Corporation recently announced a new line of antifreeze products tailor-made for Asian and European cars.

The new line features three unique formulas: one for Honda and Nissan vehicles; one for Hyundai, Kia, Subaru, Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles; and one for European models including Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Volvo and Mercedes. Prestone differentiates each of the formulas to match each car manufacturer's coolant type.

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For Efficiency and Performance

The new line of Hofmann smartSpeed tire changers is not only easy to operate, but shops will experience a new level of productivity when they use one of these performance-enhancing tire changers.

The patented smartSpeed technology optimizes the torque applied to the wheel and automatically sets the maximum rotation speed of the wheel accordingly. smartSpeed not only helps minimize damage to tires, but with its variable speed offerings - from seven to 18 RPMs - these tire changers offer the highest appropriate speed for maximum productivity.

The new line includes Hofmann monty 8100s, Hofmann monty 3550 and Hofmann monty 1625. The monty 8100s center post tire changer is designed for easy use with minimal training required for operation. The monty 3550 has the industry's most advanced capabilities to service a wide variety of wheel and tire assemblies, including low-profile, high-performance and run-flat tires. Finally, the monty 1625 is designed for high-volume tire shops, multi-bay repair shops and dealerships. It is ideal for servicing standard and performance wheels.

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Full Product Portfolio Showcased

Mahle Service Solutions recently introduced its 2018 Commercial Vehicle Service Tool and Equipment Product catalog. The new catalog, published for the first time, highlights the company's full portfolio of heavy duty products and includes product information on its ShopPro, TechPro HD, ArcticPro and FluidPro lines of products.

Mahle Service Solutions recently partnered with Gray Manufacturing to offer ShopPro - a full line of high-quality hydraulic and pneumatic equipment that includes air lifts, axle jacks, component lifts, fluid handling, service jacks, wheel service equipment and more.

The TechPro Commercial Diagnostic System from Mahle Service Solutions, powered by JPro, gives shops the ability to analyze, diagnose and repair commercial vehicles.

The catalog also features information on the ArcticPro ACX1180C that offers OEM-level heavy duty A/C servicing.

In addition, the catalog contains complete specifications on four service machines in the company's FluidPro line of fluid exchange systems.

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New Battery Line

Champion recently introduced a full line of batteries for commercial vehicles, light vehicles, marine, golf cart, power sport and lawn and garden applications.

Powered by an innovative positive grid technology, Champion batteries are engineered to optimize the flow of electricity, minimize corrosion and deliver consistent performance over battery life. The Champion battery range includes 180 products across many applications. For automotive uses, the line offers coverage for 98 percent of vehicles in operation.

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New Collaboration, Integration

CSB Technologies recently expanded its relationship with Carfax to enhance its Shop Boss Pro automotive business management software. Now, service and repair shops can easily register customers with from within Shop Boss Pro to help increase customer retention. Service technicians use a dedicated button built into the software to create a free account for their customers, so they can track their vehicle's service history and get reminders when it's time to return for their next visit.

Shops that register customers with through Shop Boss Pro automatically have their business saved as the customer's favorite service location. The desktop service and mobile app sends alerts when regular maintenance items like oil changes and tire rotations are due to help customers maintain the safety, performance and value of their vehicles.

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Expanded Coverage for 2017 Vehicles

OTC recently released the 2017 TPMS software update for the OTC 3834 TPR Activation Tool and 3838 OBD II TPMS Tool. The updates include expanded vehicle coverage and several functionality improvements for the 3438 and expanded vehicle coverage for the 3838.

The OTC 3834 TPR Activation Tool is an intuitive and simple-to-use standalone TPMS activation tool. Software updates for the OTC 3834 include added sensor coverage for 387 model year 2017+ vehicles; support for Encore, Evolve, Genisys and Genisys Touch scan tool for model year 2015; updated coverage for Schrader EZ-sensor and HUF IntelliSens; and added EZSensor 35000 support.

The OTC 3838 OBD II TPMS Tool is both a sensor activation and diagnostic device that features a wireless OBD II module for TPMS sensor registration. Software updates for the OTC 3838 include expanded coverage for many vehicles model year 2011-2016 from various manufacturers, including Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat, Infiniti, Toyota, Nissan, Kia, Alfa Romeo, Maserati and more.

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Get a Grip

Summit Glove recently introduced its Get a Grip series of gloves.

This nitrile glove offers high performance to help gain a competitive edge. A super tough nitrile compound gives Get-a-Grip excellent abrasion resistance and protection. These unique gloves have a raised diamond pattern.

The gloves feature a beaded cuff and are not made with rubber latex. They are powder-free, ambidextrous and come in sizes from small to 3XL.

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New Battery With DIN Fitment

Optima Batteries expanded its product lineup to fit more vehicles with a DIN fitment solution. The new Optima Yellowtop will be available in DIN group sizes H6 and H7.

The Optima Yellowtop with Pureflow Technology features a completely new DIN-specific design that delivers robust power, extreme recharge and unsurpassed performance. The new offering is an addition to the family of Optima Yellowtop products and delivers the same Spiralcell Technology. It has been engineered with 99.99 percent pure lead, highly-compressed radial grid and a direct-path cast-on strap. The Optima Yellowtop chemistry is perfect for the high-energy demands and cranking power needed in DIN applications.

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Fix Oil Leaks and Burning Oil

Bar's Leaks recently introduced Professional Oil Seal - Engine Oil Burning & Leak Repair, its most advanced solution. This professional-grade formula is guaranteed to permanently stop all engine oil loss caused by leaks, over-consumption and burning.

Oil Seal Engine Oil Burning & Leak Repair's unique combination of synthetic polymers combined with premium seal-restoring additives work together in four ways to create a long-lasting repair: A seal-rejuvenating additive restores seal size, flexibility and elasticity lost to engine heat, age, high mileage or extended vehicle storage. This prevents oil from leaking past the seals and burning in the combustion chamber. Next, an advanced seal polymer builds a polymeric film around the seal that keeps excess oil from bypassing the seal during normal engine operation. Third, a high-grade detergent formulation works to dissolve gunk and carbon on piston oil rings, allowing them to operate properly. Finally, special synthetic polymers fill the inevitable small scratches and wear marks caused by normal engine operation that allow oil to pass and burn, resulting in blue exhaust smoke.

Bar's Leaks Oil Seal Engine Oil Burning & Leak Repair addresses all minor to moderate oil leaking, burning and consumption problems. It is designed to work with all types of engine oil, including regular petroleum, high-mileage, synthetic blends and fully synthetic formulas.

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