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How Will AVs Impact Traffic Fines and Fees?

July 1, 2023
Autonomous vehicles may affect DMVs and state budgets.

Industry Insight: A Shift for the Ages

Jan. 1, 2021
What’s behind the lack of driving among younger generations?  
SEMA 2020

Tips for Closing the Digital Customer Loop

Nov. 12, 2020
In a virtual SEMA360 session, seasoned digital experts Corey Perlman and Katie Mares shared tips for taking customers from digital onlookers to repeat buyers.
AAPEX 2020

How to Help Your Business Survive Succession

Nov. 5, 2020
Bob Ward, president of Perpetual Business, led a Virtual AAPEX Experience session to explain how business owners can design a succession plan that will keep their shops running...