Podcast: Joe Benza Talks Shop

Sept. 7, 2023
Joe Benza, owner of Carolina Quick Lube in North Carolina, joins the podcast to talk about his shop strategy.

The elements that draw a person to the quick lube industry can be very personal. People participate in this line of work for a variety of reasons. Every career starts somewhere. Every shop starts somewhere.

Joe Benza has been in the quick lube game for years. He even ran a network of shops with his dad until they decided to sell. But Benza came back strong to ownership by opening Carolina Quick Lube in Johnston County, North Carolina. He's taking what he learned earlier in his career while also bringing in some new ideas. He joins the show to talk about it. 

To learn more about Benza and Carolina Quick Lube, read "Too Good to Leave Behind" from the July 2023 issue of NOLN. 

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