Increase Wiper Blade Sales with One Click

Sept. 1, 2021

Boost efficiency and grow your ARO by offering customers the unique design of Clix Wipers.

For Anthony and Arthur Leardi, starting their windshield wiper business was a way to carry on their family legacy. Their mother began her own wiper blade business in 1991⁠—selling windshield wipers out of the trunk of her car. Now, the brothers have put a modern, more whimsical spin on the essential product with their brand Clix Wipers.

The Florida-based company features simple, and easy-to-install wiper blades that clip into place in a matter of seconds. Making selling and installing the windshield wipers easy for quick lube technicians in every shop. Even more, the wiper blades come in a variety of colors and patterns, creating a unique and creative selling point. 

“Anthony and I have really focused on making our wipers the best all around⁠,” Arthur explains. “We aim to bring quick lube shops the best possible product, service, and pricing,” 

Say “Yes” More

If there is one word an owner doesn’t want their team to ever have to say to a customer in response to providing a potential service, it’s “no”. With the countless styles, sizes, and types of windshield wipers⁠ needed for different vehicles—shops are met with the risk of not having the right wiper blades to fit the job. 

“Clix Wipers allow shops the ability to say ‘yes’ to everybody in terms of providing wiper blades, which helps shops immensely,”  Anthony says.   

An original pack of Clix Wipers comes with just two clips, but are compatible with 98 percent of vehicles. In addition, Clix Wipers offers X-factor clips that install to nearly all of the rarest wiper arms. This versatility makes the product not only easy to stock and sell, but also simple to install. Many other windshield wiper brands include up to four or five adapters in their packaging, turning the supposedly simple and quick task into a confusing and an unnecessary time suck. The simplicity of Clix Wipers makes it easy to train each technician in the shop to be able to quickly install the wiper blades onto each vehicle, helping to push jobs through the doors faster. 

“It's a really simple product for teams to learn and to understand, which makes employees feel confident in using the product and confident in selling it,” Anthony explains.

Offer Variety and Personality

Beyond the versatility and ease-of use of Clix Wipers, the unique colors and patterns of the product line is what really makes the typically mundane windshield wipers stand apart to shops and customers alike. Clicking through the collections on showcases their “OG” design, along with multiple color sections in their “Clix Carbon Series”. For even more unique and dynamic styles, Clix Wipers offers a “Clix Ink Series”, which includes everything from a camo print, to plaid, to flannel⁠—providing something for everyone. “Clix 4 Causes” connects wiper styles to nonprofits including the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Best Friends Animal Society.   

 All Clix Wipers are painted or hydro dipped and assembled in-house, allowing the company to offer the vast expansion of designs, along with custom orders if desired. 

Shop team members can showcase the wide array of designs to customers looking to add some personality to their vehicle, adding the extra personal touch and connection to boost customer satisfaction and retention.   

Increase Your Add-on Sales

Although windshield wipers should be a simple sale to customers coming in, shop availability and ease of purchasing a pair elsewhere can make the add-on more challenging. By offering quick and convenient solutions to typical wiper headaches, customers are more willing to make the extra investment.  

In addition to the OG set of Clix Wipers, shops can showcase a wall display to advertise the variety of different colors and designs. If a customer is interested in a colorful add-on, the wiper blades can be drop shipped to the shop to allow the technician the ability to install them themself.  

“The variety of wiper designs offer quick lubes a new way of selling the same old, same old,” Arthur says. “Plus, they're really awesome, exciting to talk about, and a very engaging product for the driver.”

In order to expand Clix Wipers sales opportunities within the quick lube sector of the industry, the company is coming up with new and innovative services. From a drive-thru wipers concept, to Uber-like mobile installation—the Leardis continue to bring their innovation and industry experience to help operators further grow their business. 

To learn more about Clix Wipers, along with conventional and rear wiper blades, and the upcoming Clix Wipers Silicone+, visit

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