Checking in with Jiffy Lube 2023 Franchisee of the Year: Bronco Lube

May 10, 2024
Chad Weisbeck of South Carolina-based Bronco Lube on running an award-winning franchise.

Bronco Lube, a South Carolina-based Jiffy Lube franchisee, has been awarded the 2023 Jiffy Lube Franchisee of the Year title.

Bronco Lube was established 21 years ago and has 10 locations in upstate South Carolina as well as five in the central area of the state with Chad Weisbeck at the helm. 

Weisbeck has dedicated 30 years to the quick lube industry, and he spoke with NOLN about what the Franchisee of the Year award means to Bronco Lube, as well as what it’s like to lead an award-winning franchise.  

Ready, Set, Grow  

Weisbeck understands the elbow grease required to make an impact. He says in mid-2021, Bronco Lube had about six locations. Hit the fast-forward button, and Bronco Lube has added four locations just in the past year—and the fifteenth store for the franchise was opened in March 2024.  

Weisbeck describes this growth that Bronco Lube has historically experienced as adding just one or two locations into the mix at a time, instead of the growth in larger “chunks” that some companies experience.  

Hard work is not without its challenges, but for Weisbeck, getting recognized with an award such as this one allows room for reflection on what’s been accomplished.   

“There’s that moment of going ...‘Wow, the work that we put in does pay off,’” Weisbeck says. “And those are the moments when you’re recognized, or an award like this that you say, ‘Hey, all the hard work, the determination, the dedication that our team puts in’ ... and so I’m probably most proud for our team that we were able to accomplish such a coveted award and such a great recognition.”  

This isn’t the first time Bronco Lube has been awarded Jiffy Lube Franchisee of the Year. It’s a show of strength for the franchise to be honored with the title three times including this year.  

“It really says a lot about our ability to just continue to work through those challenges as good as anybody does,” Weisbeck says. “And so, it’s worth looking back and saying, ‘You know what? We did that, (and) it was good.’” 

Lead and Look Forward  

When each new location has been developed, Bronco Lube has been involved every step of the way. As a self-described “operations guy at heart,” Weisbeck is motivated by the completion of each project to serve customers.  

Opening a new location is an exciting endeavor, but he notes there are steps in the process that may require attention such as allocating time and effort for proper team development, training, and any potential challenges or delays.  

Something he notes about today’s preventative maintenance customers is that while they certainly show up for service once doors are open, they may not be lining up in droves as they may have for this industry in years past. Customers have options for service—but this means there’s simply business to be won.    

“People have places to go get service done, so we have to win,” Weisbeck says. “We have to reach them. We have to get them to come try us. We have to deliver at a high level, and then we have a chance to grow our business.” 

In terms of leadership style, Weisbeck says there’s “no question about it” that he’s a hands-on operator.  

“I think that’s part of the reason for our success, to be honest, is that I've never been too far detached from the boots on the ground and just understanding what it truly takes to operate in the service center,” he says. 

Weisbeck has genuine care for the industry, especially when it comes to supporting other people. He believes it’s worthwhile to invest time in the young people who are willing to learn in this industry. 

“I like to see people succeed, excel, move up, (and) move forward,” Weisbeck says. 

Catch the entire interview between NOLN and Chad Weisbeck on The NOLN Podcast: 

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