Shop Look: Snappy Lube of Waynesville, North Carolina

Jan. 17, 2023

This new construction has plenty of space and gorgeous views in North Carolina.

Shop: Snappy Lube 

Location: Waynesville, N.C. 

Size: 3 bays 

Staff: 6-8 

New Construction 

Snappy Lube saw an opportunity to dig deep into this North Carolina market and opted for fresh build.  

“It had been a while since we built a store, but the area we picked is an up-and-coming side of town,” says Tim Avery, director of operations. “Because we had a strong presence there, we wanted to get in there before anyone else could.” 

Avery says the process was exciting for him. He worked with his team on every detail of the shop from the beginning, and the company supported the vision for a fully stocked, feature-full building. 

“Being involved with this from the ground up was pretty cool,” he says. “After working in the stores for so long, I got to throw in my two cents on what I thought would work best for the people working in it.” 

Space for Service 

Avery says that one major benefit of this shop is the space—for oil, for equipment, an employee bathroom in the shop, and for techs to move around easily in the bays. The shop boasts four 500-gallon bulk tanks and a 1,000-gallon waste tank. 

“Compared to a lot of other stores, it has a more open feel to it,” he says. “The pits are a little farther apart from each other for doors to open fully. There’s a good amount of space there, and it doesn’t feel cramped. You could probably fit three big trucks in there without feeling cramped.” 

The added space makes the space feel more comfortable to customers. It is great for technicians to be able to move among cars and colleagues. And it allows for better access to technology equipment. 

“We needed to add an extra computer bay station,” Avery says. “That’s one thing they hate waiting on. Being able to do all those things and add them—I hope the guys appreciate it.” 

Fresh Looks 

Avery said that the design of the shop focused on durability and modern comfort. The shop area can feel like a home garage, while the lobby area and building exterior, with its red awnings, is meant to draw attention. 

“It definitely looks more modern, and once you get inside, it has a home feel to it,” Avery says. “We went with this metal roofing for the interior walls, so the texture of the walls help it feel like your own shop.” 

The shop will have to vie for attention with the stunning views around Waynesville, a picturesque mountain town.  

“When me and my crew were there getting things ready for two or three weeks, it was tough not to stop and take a look at the scenery,” Avery says. 

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