Find Your Path

Oct. 1, 2022

Read stories about taking the customer-centric method to building a quick lube operation.

 A common theme in NOLN stories is the idea that right-sizing the business will look different for each shop. Whether that’s the size of the facility, the services on the menu, the equipment in the bays, or other considerations, the most important thing is that your choice is tailored to your operation.

In an interview for this month’s feature story, a Jiffy Lube operator named Shane Burton had an interesting comment. We were talking about the differences in clientele between cities or towns, but he said that this can vary between parts of Twin Falls, Idaho, where he’s headquartered.

Burton said that “even in this town that I'm in, our three shops have totally different clientele.”

That means a lot for an operator—which add-ons work best, how to plan inventory, and much more.

That dynamic is at the heart of this month’s feature story (TOPICAL page xx), which draws on data from the 2022 NOLN Operator Survey. While the survey compiles averages from quick maintenance shops across the country, the story brings the scope down to individual levels. Two operators talk about how they’ve found success by paying attention to what services work in their markets, for their clientele. 

While there’s no one right way to run a quick lube, there might be one right way to run your individual shop. This month’s issue is aimed at helping you find that path.

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