Bring Out the Inner Successes

May 1, 2022

Investments in mental health set up long-term growth.

We touch on a ton of topics here in NOLN, from bookkeeping to hiring to talking to customers through social media.

One area that hasn’t had as much coverage is the mental health aspects of running a business. No doubt that the past few years have thrown challenges at quick maintenance operators, from COVID-19 to changes in the labor market to parts shortages. Looking back at your actions during that time, can you identify ways that your stress levels affected your life?

This month’s feature story is an attempt to address this aspect of leadership. While speaking to people for this piece, I know that I was able to reflect a lot on how I handle times of added stress. In particular, I was struck by how one business coach talked about the ways in which we make stress harder on ourselves. Sometimes, we look at problems and make them out to be bigger than they are. We make them personal. 

Hearing that allowed some clarity—for me, anyway. It helped me to focus on tackling a challenge rather than how challenging that challenge is.

While reading this month’s feature, I hope you’re able to reflect upon some positive advice in your own operations.

Speaking of great attitudes, I am pleased to introduce this month’s profile subject, Monica Lynn Jecmen. It’s part of our effort to highlight the work that people do in all ranks of the quick lube operation. Monica’s journey has a lot of great details that you’ll read about, but the throughline is that she’s a talented, adaptable member of her team. The organization realized it and presented new opportunities for Monica. It’s the embodiment of those stories you’ve read about identifying talent in your ranks and putting them in positions to succeed.

I would like to highlight again NOLN’s excellent columnists. Both brought their A games to this issue. Adam Tatum wrote about the headwinds we face in the industry, and is characteristically honest about the operator’s perspective in tackling them. Lenny Saucier’s column this month is also true to form, deeply personal and clever in his presentation. 

Finally, this is May, which in 2022 means that iFLEX is upon us. I look forward to seeing all the familiar faces out there this year. As usual, we’ve got a booth! Stop by and say hello.

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Matt Hudson | Content Director

Matt Hudson is the former content director for National Oil and Lube News.

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