Shop Look: Jimmy’s Express Car Wash & Quick Lube of Reno, Nevada

Feb. 22, 2023

This well-positioned shop has a loyal customer base. 

Shop: Jimmy's Express Car Wash & Quick Lube

Operator: Jimmy Schultz 

Location: Reno, Nevada 

Staff size: 7 full time; 2 part time 

Car Count: 51 

Average Ticket: $76 

Starting a Brand 

Even in a busy Reno commercial area, Jimmy’s Express Car Wash and Quick Lube stands out. The building is simple, modern, and functional, with big and bold signage and plenty of drive-up space. 

The operation includes a three-bay quick lube and a 100-foot car wash. Owner Jimmy Schultz has been in the car care business since 1985. He acquired this business in 2007, first only operating the car wash side. A couple years later, he rebranded and opened the quick lube. 

‘This place was built in 1998, and we ended up getting it in 2007,” Schultz says. “The building was in good shape, but for the interior we had to rebuild, run new hoses, supply lines, and stuff like that. New guns for the consoles.” 


Crowded Lot 

Jimmy’s has a dedicated customer base, which is great with other facilities close by. A tire shop sits in the same commercial area. 

Despite the competition, Schultz says he loves the position of his shop. Customers might come straight to Jimmy’s, but they might also be in the area to do some shopping or grab a bite to eat. All of that brings traffic by his shop. 

“What I like about the building is the way it’s positioned on the property,” he says. “There’s a lot of stuff going on that property.” 


Room to Roam 

Part of the efficient, clean look of the shop bays is due to plenty of space below ground.  

The quick lube features a 1,600-square-foot basement, which includes a break room and employee bathroom. That allows for inventory to be stored below so techs can work comfortably with customers above. 

“And then we have a nice little lobby,” Schultz says. “We believe, after going through every lube shop on the West Coast, that we have the cleanest lobby. It's small, but we keep it clean and pretty simple.”