Shop Look: Brent's SpeedyLube of Clinton, Iowa

March 1, 2023
This shop sat vacant for 13 years until Brent L. Tomman brought life back into the building. 

Shop Name: Brent’s SpeedyLube 

Owner: Brent L. Tomman 

Location: Clinton, Iowa 

Average Daily Car Count: 40-50 cars 

Staff size:

Number of Bays:

Average Ticket: $65 

No Vacancies 

Brent L. Tomman opened his quick lube business in July 2021, but his connection to the building began long before then. Tomman ran a shop called Speed Lube with his dad during the early 2000’s at the same location Brent’s SpeedyLube calls home today.  

Speed Lube went out of business in 2008. The building was vacant until Tomman decided to purchase it in March 2021. 

“The place sat empty for 13 years with no heat and air conditioning,” Tomman says. “It was just coming undone at the seams, so I had to do everything.” 

A massive renovation was required to bring the shop, which was originally built in 1991, up to date. Tomman put in a new roof, new ceilings, fixtures, heating and LED lighting.  

Concrete chip floors were installed, and the parking lot and signage were both redone. The shop has five 1,500-gallon oil tanks downstairs, and everything is brand new from the compressors and lines to the pumps. 

Lobbying for More 

Tomman says that even though most customers only wait for a short time, he wants to make their lobby experience enjoyable.  

A flat screen television is mounted above a fireplace next to a selection of shop merchandise. There’s popcorn, hot dogs, coffee and oftentimes homemade goodies from Tomman’s mom including brownies and holiday wreaths. Tomman’s dad is retired, but he can still be found at the shop chatting with customers. 

“That’s why we tell people to come in and have a cup of hot cocoa by the fire while we watch a movie,” Tomman says. “You’re only here for five to 10 minutes, but for the five to 10 minutes you’re here we want it to be an escape from the outside world.” 

A Clean Sweep  

The team is meticulous about keeping the floor clean and Tomman uses specialized chemical cleaning agents for added protection. But keeping a tidy shop isn’t only about maintenance. 

“[Customers] want to be able to trust you, and a lot of the time it’s image,” Tomman says. “We take care of our building so we can take care of you better.” 

The time and money spent investing in the shop has been well worth it for Tomman, who says the attention to detail makes a difference.  

“That’s why I went out and got everything brand new, so I didn’t have to service things haphazardly,” Tomman says. “I can really give the very best service because I have the very best materials and the very best quality items at my disposal.”