The Bedrock of Training

Dec. 1, 2020

Programs from the AOCA help operators build effective education for their teams.

Training is defined as teaching a person a particular skill or type of behavior. I believe it encompasses much more and leads to success in an organization. When your team understands your company vision and mission, your guest experience expectations, and the necessary technical knowledge, your organization will be prosperous.

Proper training has been the key to success at Lube ‘n Go, and the work and preparation that the Automotive Oil Change Association has put into its training programs has played a big role.

At Lube ‘n Go, training is our top priority. We onboard our team members beginning at orientation which gives them clear expectations and timelines. Our standardized approach to orientation, training and certification testing ensures that every team member is given the tools and support to be successful.

During orientation, we introduce new team members to our company vision, mission and policies. We present our Path to Progress, which outlines the steps and certifications necessary to earn positions past their initial trainee designation. This document provides clarity and encourages team members to understand how to grow within the company. They are able to proactively invest in their training and create their own path to success. The Path to Progress also affords team members the ability to feel their successes and accomplishments as they complete portions of training and move up within their career.

We offer hands-on training both at our corporate office and at each lube center. Our goal is to educate at a high level, so team members understand what they will be learning at their respective facilities and have a clear understanding of our expectations. It is through interaction with their fellow team members and guests that they learn what it means to be a successful lube technician working as part of an effective team, eager to serve their guests and meet company goals.

Creating Industry Leaders

As part of their Path to Progress, technicians take online vendor-lead training and participate in the Automotive Oil Change Association Technician Academy in addition to Lube ‘n Go training exams and certifications.

As the president of AOCA board, I urge you to tie your organization’s training in with our proven industry platform as it brings credibility to the process. AOCA’s education will show your team how the industry works together to train in similar ways and as well as how the variety of information is handled across the industry.

AOCA’s Technician Academy allows new, up and coming team members to learn about the industry as well as the roles and responsibilities within a lube center. They will learn the ins and outs and walk away with incredible technical knowledge that is invaluable to your team. 

The Manager Training Course is a wonderful tool your organization can use to not only train new, but also refresh seasoned management. The course also gives new owners and operators the opportunity to understand how to run a facility, take care of guests and how to be ultimately successful in their endeavors.

COVID-19 has changed how the AOCA presents the Manager Training Course, as it is usually in person, which is something we hope to return to soon. We were excited to offer our first virtual training course on November 16 th that had more than 45 individuals in attendance. We believe it allowed those who would have attended in person the opportunity to still gain the knowledge and experience of learning how to manage a center. 

As you begin to make plans and set goals for 2021, I urge you to take a close look at how you may be able to improve or build upon your training programs. Whether it be a simple update to information, launching a new platform, building a comprehensive training program or committing to utilizing all the education AOCA has to offer, you will see a measurable and direct impact on the success of your team and your brand.

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