Shop Look: Jiffy Lube of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

July 13, 2022

While part of a big network, this Wisconsin shop has some unique flair.

Built for the Community

This shop opened in March 2022 in a community west of Milwaukee. Steve Isom, executive vice president at Stonebriar Auto Services, says that the land parcel is a former farm site.

Followers of Stonebriar’s new construction will notice the distinctive look of this shop. The pitched A-frame roof and some of the other design elements were required by the local government. Isom says that the franchisee worked with local officials on many details of the build. The light fixtures, roof style, and other exterior elements were part of that cooperation.

“The exterior finish of the brick was required by the city,” Isom says. “The window at the top of the peak.”

It’s not a typical style for Stonebriar, which has been building new Multicare locations across the country. But the result in Oconomowoc is a distinctive and functional quick lube.

Multicare Model

Like all Stonebriar builds, this shop is made for the Multicare model of service, which incorporates additional service and replacement elements. This building features two traditional drive-thru bays and an additional tandem bay opposite of the customer waiting area. The tandem bay, which is two bays deep, is where some of the longer services are done.

“The fact that it’s three bays instead of four, with that third bay being a tandem bay, that’s more based on the size of the lot to be able to fit everything ,we had to do that,” Isom says.

The basement doesn’t extend to the tandem bay area, but there is space for lifts and other equipment for jobs that require a bit more time. Plus, the regular flow of quick lube work isn’t disrupted by this layout.

“If all they want is a fast oil change, we’ve got that,” Isom says. “The Multicare doesn’t slow it down at all. But if they need something else, we’ve got it.”

Customer Experiences

Isom says that Stonebriar new builds put a premium on the customer perception while in the shop. That extends to some of the perks in the waiting area, like coffee and water. But it also includes how the shop is laid out and where items are stored.

“Out in the shop, everything has a place,” Isom says. “You don’t see tools out on a cart, no inventory upstairs, everything is downstairs.”

That might mean that certain items aren’t readily available for techs to grab while upstairs, including wipers, filters, or other items. But the clean look of the shop bays makes a big impression on customers. The sleek look of an automotive bay might not be something customers are used to seeing.

“It’s not like they specifically notice that it’s different, they just notice that it’s different from any shop they’ve seen before,” Isom says.

That’s just one part of the overall experience that Isom says the company wants to cultivate.

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