Shop Look: Oil Changers of Dublin, California

June 13, 2022

This building has stood the test of time in the Oil Changers network.

SHOP: Oil Changers   LOCATION: Dublin, California   SIZE: 3 Bays STAFF SIZE:

Updated Retro

The curb appeal of this Oil Changers location is apparent, and it’s in a great location to catch attention. This Bay Area shop sits on a busy intersection, positioned on the corner of a shopping area.

“It’s in a great location,” says Jenn Bochnowski, Oil Changers retail brand manager. “It’s very easily accessible, which is helpful when trying to make it convenient for our guests.”

As for the shop itself, the arched bay doors and the “sealskin” color scheme with yellow accents make the building unique. While keeping the shop clean and updated, the structure itself has remained to set it apart.

“Those arches are very retro Oil Changers, which I love,” Bochnowski says. “It’s something that we used in the late ‘80s and ‘90s.”

Tech Friendly

Operators know that happy techs make for happy customers, and Oil Changers considered that with this building. There are dual entrances to the pit area, which make access easier in a three-bay system.

Techs also appreciate walls that clean off easily and retain a nice texture. The company took a cue from another profit center and brought it into the quick lube bays.

“Something that was interesting is that we tried PVC walls on the inside, similar to what you’d have on a car wash,” Bochnowski says.

With those amenities in place, regular maintenance has been relatively pain-free. Bochnowski says that when the company updated the building with new paint, it made a real difference with traffic.

“We more or less saw a 20 percent increase in business once we painted the interior and exterior and updated the car wash,” she says.

Automotive Center

In keeping with Oil Changers’ branding, this service center maintains the retro look with banners and memorabilia inside the bays. But there are modern touches throughout, including large TV screens to show service and marketing information and POS stands for each visiting driver.

Given the location, car wash, and updated features, this shop remains a strong performer in the Oil Changers network.

“It’s a great representation of the brand, especially moving forward having three oil change bays and the car wash makes it very convenient,” she says.

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