Shop Look: Kwik Kar Wash Detail and Lube

Dec. 2, 2020

This quick lube’s set-up showcases its overall mission to provide quick, transparent service.

SHOP: Kwik Kar Wash Detail and Lube   Location: Osage Beach, Mo.  Operator: Mike Burbank and Nick DeSimone  Average Daily Car Count: 40  Staff Size: 8  Number of Bays: 4  Ticket Average: $60  

Transparent Experience

To Kwik Kar Wash Detail and Lube, product and service quality go hand in hand. Since opening in 2009, the shop wanted to make the experience as transparent as possible. When it was built, the shop made sure to install big bay windows in the lobby. One side of these windows showcases the lube bay and the other shows what’s going on the detail bay. A customer can then see exactly what’s going on with their car.

And if customers have questions or concerns, there’s always someone stationed in the lobby area desk to answer them.  

Focus on Speedy

When Josh Jeffries, the site manager for the Osage Beach, Mo., location, started about 10 years ago, he wanted to follow Kwik Kar’s mission, and to provide a quality service, it came down to time.

“Our biggest thing is we try to keep our bay times down,” Jeffries says. “The quicker they can get in and out, the better.”

Jeffries says each bay layout is set up the exact same way, and all of the technicians' essential tools—like the oil guns and washer fluid—that they use constantly are placed right in the middle of each bay for easy access to everything they need.

Break It Up

Instead of having one technician trying to do everything on a vehicle, Jeffries made sure there were three separate techs, each with a specific job.

When working on a car, there’s one hood technician, one lower bay tech working on everything underneath the vehicle, and one presenter—the one who provides all communication between the service bay and the customer, starts a ticket, deals with computer work, and provides any recommendations for work.