Shop Look: Lynden Lube

Nov. 1, 2020

A wide range of offerings keeps customers coming back to this shop.

SHOP STATS: Lynden Lube   Location: Lynden, Wash.  Operator: Rob Heerspink  Average Car Count: 60  Staff Size: 15  Shop Size: 3 Bays Average Ticket: $78 

Best of Both Worlds 

Lynden Lube in Lynden, Wash., has a full service auto repair facility and an oil change center in the same location, separated by a customer check-in area. Having both businesses under one roof is helpful, not only for customers, but for the staff that works there as well, says owner Rob Heerspink. 

“With having the repair bay next to it, lube guys have full access to ASE certified mechanics,” Heerspink says. “We can get it figured out as a team.” 

Renovation Benefits 

Washington wants to go from 3 to 5 lanes, and because of this, Lynden Lube was too close to the road. Because of this, the location needed to be renovated. While doing this, Heerspink decided to remodel 2 bays that were for repair by digging out the basement and turning them to quick lube lanes, which brought the total to 3 quick lube lanes. During the romodel, the shop also added six bays for the repair facility. Adding the lanes close to tripled the car count, Heerspink says. 

Luxurious Lobby

The reception area was modeled after a doctor’s office that Heerspink’s wife, Cheryl, works next to. It turns out, its lobby was decorated by a local designer, so Lynden Lube hired the same person to do its waiting area. The area has a TV, Keurig and water and also features a wiFI bar, where customers can set up and plug in their devices while they’re waiting. Within the lounge, there’s a piece of artwork that was commissioned by a local artist to highlight the history of the property.