Shop Look: Cornhusker Auto Wash of Bellevue, Neb.

July 1, 2020

A focus on customer service has paid off for this quick lube .

SHOP STATS: Cornhusker Auto Wash   Location: Bellevue, Neb.  Operator: Brian Fox  Average Car Count: 40  Staff Size: 6  Shop Size: 2 Bays  Ticket Average: $60

More Than a Carwash 

The company started as a carwash and added a quick lube in 1996. Having both under one roof has helped with attracting customers and keeping those customers under one umbrella, says site operations manager Nick Toyne. 

The car wash, which remains the company’s “bread and butter,” according to Toyne, is a great opportunity to reach customers for quick lube. Toyne says that, when there’s a line for the carwash, the quick lube staff will hand out coupons to customers and pull them out of line to do oil changes and get them in and out more efficiently. 

In addition to the carwash and quick lube, Cornhusker also offers detailing, remote starts and a gas station. 

Teamwork Pays Off 

Toyne credits a lot of the success of the quick lube to the way the staff works, which is together. The staff always tag teams, meaning they’re always checking one another’s work and making sure that nothing was overlooked, keeping the customers happy and business running efficiently. 

“We always have someone double-checking,” Toyne says. 

No-Pressure Sales 

Toyne points out that the quick lube’s philosophy of “zero pressure sales,” has really helped when it comes to bringing customers in, as the quick lube does very little marketing. By letting customers make the decision and not overwhelming them, it’s helped keep them coming back.