Shop Look: Premier Oil Change & Car Wash of Central Point, Oregon

May 1, 2023
This Oregon shop has a 135-foot car wash tunnel.

Shop Name: Premier Oil Change & Car Wash

Location: Central Point, Ore.

Staff Size: 8

Number of Bays:

The bright lights of the Premier Oil Change & Car Wash location in Central Point, Oregon may be eye-catching, but that’s not all that makes this shop stand out.

“It’s on a large site. It’s a two-acre site,” says Matt Webb, president of Premier Oil Change. “And there’s a 135-foot car wash tunnel on the same side as well.”

What began as empty land has been transformed into a quick lube and car wash, opening in December 2021. Webb says it’s the only oil change center in Central Point, which is home to about 15,000 people. It’s located in what Webb describes as a high traffic corridor.

“It’s a growing area and we were actually one of the first businesses in this particular stretch,” Webb says. “What happened was, the Costco relocated from a different part of town, and we saw that as an opportunity since Costco obviously generates a high amount of traffic.”

An Outstanding Atmosphere

Webb says the tower at the oil change area provides great visibility from the street. The rest of the exterior is distinctive as well.

“It’s a very unique exterior because it has a red powder coated steel,” Webb says. “It’s definitely a building that stands out.”

Inside, Webb says they strive to create a retail feel for the customer.

“My favorite feature is the blue quartz countertops, which are unique for an oil change center,” Webb says.

Because most guests stay in their car for the duration of the services, the shop utilizes shelving that allows guests to clearly see products. Also, cleanliness is a top priority – and that’s not just because there’s a car wash involved.

“Our walls are covered with metal instead of a traditional stucco wall or a brick wall,” Webb says. “They’re covered with a metal roofing material, which gives them a really nice look, and they’re cleanable … it’s more of a modern kind of feel.”

Keep It Moving

Considering the multiple services offered at this location, traffic control is important.

“It’s never easy to put an oil change center and a car wash on the same site because you have conflicting traffic patterns,” Webb says. “The buildings are pretty spread out, so there’s very minimal conflicting traffic patterns for the car wash line and the oil change queue.”

Webb says the oil change queue can easily hold 12 cars in the waiting line, if necessary. This is important, because Webb has goals for this location.

“We built it with 70 to 90 cars a day in mind,” Webb says.