Shop Look: Lube X-press Eastlake of El Paso, Texas

Oct. 1, 2023
This Texas shop has many eye-catching elements.

Location: El Paso, Texas

Staff Size: 9

Shop Size: 3 bays (1,750 square feet)

Soak up the Sun

The Lube X-press network was established by brothers Justin and Karlos Lazo with 10 locations in the El Paso area. The Eastlake shop opened in February 2022. Louie Chavez, director of operations for Lube X-press, says the Eastlake area of El Paso has grown in recent years.

“We felt it would be a great idea to open a Lube X-press store out there, to be a part of that growing community,” Chavez says.

The Eastlake shop is situated on a hill next to a nearby interstate. It was built from the ground up and has a drive-thru oil change model as well as the ability to conduct state vehicle inspections.

Chavez says the lobby is used mostly by vehicle inspection customers. They offer Lube X-press bottled water and access to a television.

“We also have a tent that we put outside of our stores,” Chavez says. “So, our customers, if they want to enjoy a nice sunny day in El Paso, they can sit out there underneath the tent and just relax while their inspection is getting done.”

Bright and Bold

The exterior of the shop is bright white and outlined in red. The service area floors compliment this color scheme with red flooring. But the eye-catching elements found at Lube X-press shops don’t end there.

“As our guests drive into the into the oil change base, we have a big mural of El Paso on the left-hand side of the wall with logos and pictures of what makes us proud to call the city of El Paso our home,” Chavez says. “So, everything about our building aesthetics revolves around our guest experience.”

Karlos Lazo describes details like this as what creates a “wow experience” for customers.

“Everything we’ve done and do is really to improve the experience of our guests,” Lazo says. “It all started with them, and it all ends with them. That’s why we’ve done everything from lighting selections to colors to murals – it's really to enhance the experience.”

Opportunity Awaits

Lube X-press counteracts the dirty and dingy stigma that can be associated with quick lube shops through thoughtful prioritization.

“We pride ourselves in the bright and clean and organized setup of our locations,” Lazo says.

Now, there is a chance for this model to reach more markets. Over the summer, Lube X-press announced the addition of a franchise opportunity.

“It’s exciting for us to share with potential franchisees that are coming into this industry what we’re capable of and what they’re capable of,” Lazo says.  

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