Shop Look: Quick Draw Oil Change of Dodge City, Kansas

April 1, 2024
This Kansas shop has built a community-first brand in a thoughtfully designed shop space.

Shop name: Quick Draw Oil Change  

Location: Dodge City, Kansas 

Operator: Josh Yarnall  

Staff size: 6.5 (averaged 

Shop size: 4 bays (3 quick lube bays and a mechanical bay)  


Clean Slate 

In April 2012, Josh Yarnall bought a building that had previously housed a dying automotive business. Located on a busy street in Dodge City, Kansas, Yarnall saw the potential. After sprucing up the place, he opened Quick Draw Oil Change. Yarnall says due to some negative stigma associated with the previous business, Yarnall says he and his team had to work to gain the community’s trust. 

“So, it truly … came down to grassroots door-to-door when it came to businesses, and people—word-of-mouth,” Yarnall says. “And it took us about eight years to turn that corner and become a booming profitable shop.”  

As for the shop’s appearance, elements of the “Wild West” have been incorporated into the design, along with a racing-inspired paint scheme of black and gray with a white stripe and red awning. The lobby was completely redone.

“It’s cool-looking,” Yarnall says. “A lot of handmade materials like wall coverings, handrails, (and) things like that. It fits ... the Wild West theme, but it’s also kind of trendy. Realistically, CEO mom can bring her car in to get her oil changed, set her kid on the floor, and not worry about them getting covered with oil, soot, (and) dust.”  



Above and Beyond 

The shop’s cleanliness is something that many customers notice, but the recognition doesn’t end there. Yarnall says he’s had vendors comment on it as well. Keeping things orderly makes the team and the service better. 

“For us, time is very valuable to people,” Yarnall says. “So, just having everything set out very efficiently and organized makes us faster and we have less mistakes.” 

Everything has its place at the shop—including a lighting fixture in the lobby that was custom made in part by Yarnall. But this line of thinking extends to the service area as well.  

“Every tool has a home, and we go to great lengths to make sure that every tool makes it back home after every single job,” Yarnall says.  

Yarnall says people love Quick Draw Oil Change as a brand, which includes the physical components of the shop, such as the distinctive Quick Draw logo he designed. But the visuals are just one part of the equation. Interactions with customers and the ability to have a greater impact is important to Quick Draw as well.

Yarnall describes the shop as a veteran-owned business guided by Christian values that consistently puts taking care of people first and foremost. Yarnall and his team invest time in building connections because their community is a priority

“We have a heart for the people in our community, and we take the time to get to know them,” Yarnall says.