Podcast: Preventing Catalytic Converter Theft with Ron Katz

Jan. 12, 2023
Offering services to help prevent catalytic converter theft can leave a lasting impact on your customer base. 

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Jan. 12, 2023—In many ways, our cars are our lifeline. Our cars get us to work, and allow us to drop our children off at school. When something goes wrong, it can cause a domino effect. As catalytic converter theft remains a prominent issue across the country, many drivers are being left in a lurch. But shop owners have an opportunity to make a difference. 

Midas franchisee Ron Katz has been offering services to customers in an effort to deter thieves from stealing catalytic converters. He joins the show to discuss his strategy and the impact it has had on his shops and his community. To learn more about the free VIN etching event Katz held over the summer, click to read "Carving Out Customer Care" from the October 2022 issue of NOLN.

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