Ohio Drivers Prep for Holiday Travel

Dec. 21, 2022

A winter storm is expected to hit Ohio this weekend, and drivers are being advised to take proper precautions. 

Dec. 21, 2022—Parts of the country are expected to get a blast of winter weather this holiday weekend, and that includes Ohio. 

According to News 5 Cleveland, drivers who are hitting the road for holiday travel are being advised to take precautions beforehand. Ohio is forecasted to get a mix of snow, wind and cold temperatures this weekend. Tiffany Stanley is a spokesperson for AAA East Central, and she says drivers should get an inspection conducted on their vehicle before they depart. She also suggests having an emergency kit handy. 

Doug Novosel is the president of Best Buy Tire Company in Cleveland. His business offers free vehicle inspections. There has been a 50% increase in sales this week at Best Buy Tire due to people preparing for holiday travel. In addition to tires, Novosel notes there are other vehicle care basics to keep an eye on during winter weather. 

"You should have a good set of windshield wiper blades on there and check your antifreeze. I mean, your basic things," Novosel said to News 5 Cleveland. "Something real common is windshield wiper fluid. If you put in fluid in the summertime, most likely it's not good below zero and it freezes up and you get splashed on the roads and you got salt on your windows, you can't clean it off."

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