Studies Show Automated Braking Reduces Rear-End Crashes

Nov. 17, 2022

The Partnership for Analytics Research in Traffic Safety and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety have released studies about automated emergency braking in cars and pickup trucks. 

Nov. 17, 2022—Two studies have shown that automated emergency braking can dramatically reduce rear-end crashes for cars and pickup trucks, according to Fortune. 

Both studies were released on Tuesday. The Partnership for Analytics Research in Traffic Safety released a study that compared "data on auto equipment with 12 million police-reported crashes from 13 states that was collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration," according to a statement.

Some results from this group's study showed a front-to-rear crash decrease by 49% when the vehicle that struck another vehicle has forward collision alerts and automatic braking. This is in comparison to vehicles that had neither system. The study showed rear crashes with injuries decreased by 53%. Vehicles that only had forward collision warning systems employed accounted for a decrease of 16% with rear-end crashes and a 19% decrease in rear crashes with injuries. 

The second study came from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This study shows that "automatic emergency braking reduces rear crash rates for pickups by 43% and rear-end injury crashes by 42%," according to Fortune.