Penn State Study Shortens EV Battery Charging Time

Oct. 25, 2022

Researchers have discovered that adding heat to an electric vehicle battery can significantly shorten its charging time. 

Oct. 25, 2022—The addition of heat could be a game-changer for electric vehicle battery charging time. 

According to Singularity Hub, Pennsylvania State University and a startup at the college have discovered that adding heat to electric vehicle batteries can help them charge faster. 

Chao-Yang Wang, the study leader from Pennsylvania State University, explained in a press release that the batteries in this study are smaller. Additionally, Wang noted that implementing these batteries could help cut down on battery costs and raw material usage. 

The researchers added a sheet of nickel foil between the electrodes of each cell in the battery. According to the study, the cell can quickly heat up to 149 degrees when a current passes through thanks to the foil. The heat remains while charging the battery and returns to room temperature once the current is turned off. 

Results from the study showed that the researchers were able to charge 265 watt-hour battery to 70% in just 11 minutes. Additionally, the battery was able to successfully endure 2,000 charge cycles. This has the potential to translate into energy that could power over 500,000 miles. The Singularity Hub article also stated that this technology is currently being commercialized via EC Power Group. 

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