Michigan Community Considers Semi Truck Noise Reduction Efforts

Sept. 21, 2022

City commissioners in Mt. Pleasant have been receiving complaints from residents about commercial truck "jake brake" noise. 

Sept. 21, 2022—One community in Michigan is considering its options for reducing commercial semi truck noise in residential neighborhoods. 

According to the Morning Sun, city commissioners in Mt. Pleasant have been receiving complaints about commercial truck drivers employing "jake brakes" in residential areas. 

Commissioner Liz Busch has suggested that the city look into implementing signage in that would notify truck drivers of residential neighborhoods in an effort to limit noise pollution.

City Manager Aaron Desentz pointed out that some residential roads where community members have complained are owned by Michigan Department of Transportation, and it is unlikely that the department would agree to signs that ask truck drivers not to "jake brake". 

The Morning Sun article said that "jake brakes" do not violate Michigan state law. The state already has a vehicle code in place for noise levels, so City Attorney Michael Homier commented that implementing a city ordinance wouldn't work because it cannot overrule this code. 

Commissioners are open to coming to a conclusion that works for everyone. 

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