Fatal Florida Crash Raises Tire Care Awareness

Aug. 18, 2022

A recent car crash involving a tire blowout in Sarasota, Florida, has locals thinking about the importance of proper tire care. 

Aug. 18, 2022—A recent fatal car crash in Sarasota, Florida has brought tire maintenance to the forefront for the community.

According to ABC 7, a food truck on Interstate 75 suffered a blowout in its right front tire and the driver lost control. This resulted in a collision, and the truck rolled and burst into flames. Two people passed away in this crash. 

ABC 7 reported that shops such as Gasoline Alley Customs are relaying the importance of tire maintenance to drivers. Gasoline Alley repairs tires and does body work for vehicles. 

Owner Rick Sukmanowski said that he sees cars come in with tires that are passed the treadwear marks. As more and more people seem to procrastinate on tire care,Head Mechanic Phil Ponder said that drivers should prioritize checking the manufacturing date. 

“What you do is check for the manufacturing date,” Ponder said according to ABC 7. “A tire usually lasts between four to five years. Anything after that the tire definitely has to go because it becomes a hazard. Tires will create dry rot around the sidewalls and on top of the tire. Then you’re just asking for a potential blowout or crash.”

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