New York Quick Lube Sold After 22 Years in Business

Aug. 2, 2022

Fred's Quick Lube of Clayton, New York, has been sold to a neighboring business called Phinney’s Automotive Center. 

Aug. 2, 2022—A quick lube shop in New York was recently purchased by another business after serving its community for 22 years. 

According to NNY 360, Fred's Quick Lube was run by husband and wife duo Fred E. Jackson Jr. and Lynda L. Jackson. The shop, which is based in Clayton, New York, was purchased by Phinney’s Automotive Center. Phinney's is a neighboring business to the Fred's Quick Lube shop location.

“With COVID, trying to get employees and trying to get responsible employees has really been a nightmare,” Heather Lipczynski, daughter of the former owners, said in the article. “For many years, my dad worked until 10, 11 and midnight, so it just got to be too much.”

Fred plans on staying with Phinney's for a time to ease the transition for loyal Fred's customers. 

Beyond the service that he provided at the shop, Fred E. Jackson Jr. has also been a volunteer firefighter and he was a fire chief in Chaumont, New York, for 19 years. This inspired his daughter to look into the profession as well, and Heather now serves as a second assistant fire chief.

Fred and his family made an impact on the community, and although Heather shared that the sale was an emotional choice to make, she is happy with the work that they were able to provide for over two decades. 

“That business has been our family, and every customer that comes in has been our family,” Heather said. “We’re very proud of it.”