Heat, High Gas Prices Take a Toll on Kansas Vehicles

July 19, 2022

Due to high gas prices, more drivers appear to be running their vehicles on empty as temperatures skyrocket outside, leading to damage.

July 19. 2022—Repair shops and towing companies in Wichita, Kansas, are seeing a rise in heat-related car issues.

According to KSN, the combination of steep gas prices and high temperatures are to blame.

“When you run your tank clear down to ‘E,’ well, that fuel pump starts coming out of the fluid, so it’s getting even hotter,” Rob Miller of Miller’s Towing & Recovery said in the article. 

Miller reported a 25 percent increase in calls this summer, with 15 percent each week relating to fuel pump failure.  

Terry Simmons said that his Jiffy Lube Multicare location has seen a drastic increase in vehicles with heat-related damages.

“I think a lot of people are cutting their budget down on maintenance and the end result is they’re getting more mechanic costs in place of it,” Simmons said in the article. 

Simmons told KSN that his advice for customers has been to park in the shade, make sure that fluids are full, and roll the windows down about an inch when possible. 

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