Take 5 Oil Change Site Approved in Kansas

July 14, 2022

The new location was approved by an 8-0 vote and will be in Derby, Kansas. 

July 14, 2022—The site of a new Take 5 Oil Change location has been approved in Derby, Kansas.

According to the Derby Informer, the site was approved in an 8-0 vote. But, there were several issues with the property that led to delays in its approval. 

“This property is unique in that it’s encumbered by many easements, which is probably why its development has been delayed while many other properties along Rock Road have developed,” said Everett Hayes, assistant city planner, in the article. 

Additionally, property plans needed to ensure that an oil and water separator would be available on the site. Ownership also chose to include a bike rack for employee use, meaning that plans needed to be configured for an easier connection to existing sidewalks. 

Initially there were also concerns over the planned usage of an invasive tree species called the Osage Orange in the Take 5 landscaping plans, so that needed to be addressed prior to approval as well.

Take 5 Oil Change promotes a drive-thru model, but this location will also include 10 parking spots for use during busier times.