Lubrication Specialties Inc. Merges With Gold Eagle Co.

July 6, 2022

One focus of the merger is to expand global distribution services for the Hot Shot's Secret brand. 

July 6, 2022—Gold Eagle Co. has acquired Lubrication Specialties Inc.

According to a press release, Gold Eagle Co. is a family-owned ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. Lubrication Specialties Inc. makes fuel and oil products that include the Hot Shot's Secret brand line.

Gold Eagle Co. has the opportunity to expand the Hot Shot's Secret brand to new worldwide distribution services, which will give more people access to the products than ever before. 

“The combined entities will benefit both companies in a myriad of ways to further grow our business,” said Gold Eagle CEO Marc Blackman in the press release. “We have operational synergies that complement each other well, and we each believe in a people-centric culture.”

As a result of this merger, all employees will retain their roles. 

“Together, we have the resources and operational bandwidth to make Hot Shot’s Secret a household name, here and abroad,” said LSI CEO Chris Gabrelcik in the press release. “This is an exciting development for Lubrication Specialties Inc. and the Hot Shot’s Secret brand, and we are all looking forward to the next chapter.”