North Carolina Woman is Happiest in the Shop

June 23, 2022

Bethany Hyatt finds inspiration from the influence of her late brother for her career at Precision Tune Auto Care in Greensboro. 

June 23, 2022—Bethany Hyatt does a little bit of everything at Precision Tune Auto Care in Greensboro, North Carolina.

According to WFMY News 2, Hyatt performs everything from oil and coolant changes to tire rotations, state inspections and more.

Her late brother Chris was a huge inspiration for her automotive career. 

"My brother always worked on cars," Hyatt said in the article. "My dad worked on cars, but it was more so my brother.  We were eventually going to have our own shop one day, but he had passed away." 

She keeps a necklace with his ashes inside attached to her toolbox as motivation to keep doing good work, despite the hesitation she may receive from customers as a woman in the field.

"Every now and then I run into that one guy that's just like 'I don't want you working on my car,'" said Hyatt in the article. 

On the other hand, she also noted that there are customers who are excited to see a woman working on cars. This is good news for Hyatt, because she doesn't plan on going anywhere. 

She is on track to become a master technician, and told the news outlet that she is happiest when working in the shop. 

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