EV Prototype Does Away with Conventional Brakes

May 10, 2022

The DS E Tense Performance prototype from DS Automobiles has developed a regenerative electric motor braking system that would not need to be paired with a conventional braking system. 

May 10, 2022—An electric vehicle prototype has been developed by luxury automaker DS Automobiles that only uses electric motor regeneration for its brakes. 

According to Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology, the prototype negates the need for conventional brakes by using technology from the automaker's Formula E race car.

The vehicle prototype is called DS E Tense Performance and it uses two onboard electric motors to slow the vehicle.

This kind of regenerative braking is available in many electric vehicles, but the difference in this situation is that the regenerative brakes usually complement the conventional friction brakes. In this instance, the DS uses only regenerative brakes.

The hope is that this method will eventually be the sole component that slows the vehicle down and will help to recharge the battery amidst the process while completely doing away with the need for traditional brakes.

“Formula E is about maximizing performance and efficiency, and the DS E Tense Performance is our vision of a road car utilizing our race-winning technology," says Beatrice Foucher, DS Automobiles CEO, according to Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology. "Regenerative braking is a very powerful way to not only slow the vehicle down, but also help improve battery performance. The DS E Tense Performance takes the technology to a new level, with regenerative braking used solely to slow the vehicle down.”

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