Oil Changers Announces Acquisitions, New Construction

March 9, 2022

Oil Changers made some big announcements for newly built and acquired service centers.

March 9, 2022—Oil Changers announced the addition of 11 new service centers across California and Texas.

The new shops include a mix of new development and renovated acquisitions, according to a press release. A newly constructed shop went up in Visalia, Calif., and opened on March 1. The company says it's the first greenfield project in 20 years, but it won't be the last in 2022.

“The team’s energy surrounding this Greenfield project was palpable,” President Eric Frankenberger said in the release. “It’s been a long time coming, and this store has been a great kickoff for what’s to come this year.”

In addition, Oil Changers opened a redevelopment service center in Yuba City, Calif. The company also acquired nine stores from a regional chain in southern Texas. Previously called National Lube Express, the chain are in and around the McAllen area.

Oil Changers now counts 89 locations in its network.

Image: New construction in Visalia, Calif., courtesy of Oil Changers.

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