Petra Automotive Appoints for Leadership Position

March 9, 2022

Rob C. Richardson, who has a resume at other big industry brands, will join the Petra team as a new leadership hire.

March 9, 2022—Texas-based Petra Automotive announced a new hire to become the company vice president of operations and lead of research and development.

Rob C. Richardson is the chosen candidates and comes from a 22-year career at Lubrizol, according to a press release. He also has a history at BG Products and Wynn Oil Company. His position at Petra will be to oversee R7D, technical training, new product development, manufacturing, and more.

“Rob’s ability, intellect, and accomplishments are without argument. He is hands down one of the best chemists and leaders in our industry and will make a great addition to our team. But what makes Rob’s addition so compelling is that he fits our culture. He is one of us, his morals, characters, and beliefs. His way of thinking, a family man – those are things that matter in a culture like we have at Petra. We are excited to have Rob on board,” said Petra President Arnold Gacita in the release.

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