Poorly Maintained Engine Shows Danger of Insufficient Service

Sept. 3, 2021

An oil-caked engine in a Ford F-550 shows why solely going off the mileage in your vehicle to determine when to get your oil changed isn't always the best idea.

Sept. 3, 2021—While mileage or a maintenance schedule can be helpful tools in figuring out when a vehicle should be serviced, they aren't hard-and-fast rules that must always be followed.

As showcased in an article on The Drive, mileage doesn't always tell the whole story of how a vehicle is used.

The article features a 2016 Ford F-550 with a mere 27,000 miles and that had been serviced on a mileage-based calendar. However, the vehicle, which was used primarily as a tow rig for an auction company, spent most of its time idling or driving at low speeds on the lot. Ford suggests that one hour of idling is equivalent to roughly 25 miles of driving.

As a result of infrequent and insufficient service, the engine was completely covered in a think gray-black oil, and the oil pan showed large amounts of sludge.

"The engine as shown is almost certainly junk, requiring a replacement at the costs of tens of thousands of dollars in parts and labor," the article reads.

It goes without saying, but this engine serves as a cautionary tale of why regular maintenance for a vehicle, specifically oil, fluid and filter changes, are vital even if the car hasn't traveled that many miles. 

Image: The Drive via YouTube/Ford Boss Me