Exxon Rejects Union Proposal, Extends Refinery Lockout

June 21, 2021
A seven-week lockout of an Exxon refinery in Beaumont, Texas, is continuing after company officials rejected a proposal from the United Steelworkers union.

June 21, 2021Exxon Mobil Corp officials rejected proposals from the United Steelworkers union late last week, effectively continuing a seven-week lockout at the company's Beaumont, Texas, refinery.

The plant, which makes gasoline and Mobil 1 motor oil, locked out around 650 workers at the beginning of May and has continued operation with managers and replacement staff, according to Reuters. Exxon officials said through a statement the company and union representatives remain "far apart" based on the two sides' most recent meeting. Exxon has called on the union to vote on a proposal it submitted in April, which it claims will help the company compete in "low-margin environments." The union has so far refused to vote on the proposal, which it claims would eliminate seniority and create separate contracts for the refinery and lubricant plant.

Exxon officials said their lead negotiator is prepared to meet with union representatives sometime later this week.