Auto Shop Pays Final Paycheck in Pennies

March 26, 2021
Over 90,000 pennies were recently left in the former employee's driveway after he quit late last year.

March 26, 2021—An auto repair shop in Peachtree City, Ga., has been accused of paying a former employee his back pay entirely in pennies, reports The New York Times.

Andreas Flaten, a former manager at A OK Walker Luxury Autoworks, told the publication he quit last November and, after persistently demanding his final paycheck, discovered a pile of pennies at the end of his driveway along with an envelope containing a pay stub on March 12. Flaten was reportedly owed $915 in wages owed.

“It would be one thing if it was just pennies,” Mr. Flaten told the publication. “I wish it was just pennies.” Flaten found the pennies were covered in a sticky substance he believes could be power-steering fluid.

Flaten told the publication he had considered filing a lawsuit, but understands the payment may not be technically illegal.

Eric R. Lucero, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Labor, wrote to the publication stating “There is nothing in the regulations that dictates in what currency the employee must be paid.”