AOCA Online Training Module Gets Enhancement

March 26, 2021

The refreshed training program from the AOCA includes updates to practices and products, as well as enhanced customer relations materials.

March 26, 2021—The Automotive Oil Change Association has released its updated and enhanced online Technician Academy program after months of work.

Tom Staker, director of training at Grease Monkey International and AOCA board member, says that the association worked to make this a strong update to the online training program, including a new vendor for the online platform and user interface.

“We spent a lot of time with our AOCA Training Committee," Staker says. "We spent a ton of time and energy on updating the original AOCA courses.”

The Technician Academy program includes eight course modules, beginning with an introduction to the quick maintenance technician's roles. The coursework includes information about the shop facility, safety, engine oil functions, and more. There are also modules specific to the roles of lube tech, courtesy tech, hood tech, and general customer service.

There are quizzes along the way, as well as a final exam. After passing, the tech is certified.

“Once you go through the courses and become certified, that’s quite an accomplishment," Staker says. "A certificate is supplied and they have a five-year renewal.”

Staker says that he hopes smaller shops in particular will find this to be a time-saver and a robust training program in lieu of a home-grown training program. All shops should benefit from having additional training in place, he says.

“It’s imperative that our folks become more professional," Staker says. "Plus, if the certificate of competition is displayed in the store, it has great value."

There are promotions in place for AOCA members. Find out more about the training modules here.