Wyo. Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Phase Out EV Sales

Jan. 19, 2023

Republican lawmakers introduced a bill that aims to protect the state's oil and gas industries by phasing out electric vehicle sales. 

Jan. 19, 2023—Republican lawmakers in Wyoming have introduced a bill to phase out the sale of electric vehicles in the state by 2035, according to USA Today. 

The bill has been introduced in an effort to ensure the safety of the oil and gas industries for the state, claiming that EVs could impact Wyoming's trading ability with other states. The legislation uses several points to back up its argument, stating that EV batteries may contain "critical minerals" that are in limited supply. Additionally, the bill says the minerals used in these batteries cannot be disposed of with ease.The legislation also makes note of the fact that thousands of people rely on the oil industry for employment in Wyoming. 

The bill claims that EV adoption is "impractical for the state" due to long highways with an inability to fit the need of crucial EV charging infrastructure. Senator Bill Anderson is a sponsor of the bill along with five other GOP legislators. Anderson says that he personally doesn't have an issue with electric vehicles.  

"Anyone who wants to buy an electric vehicle should have the freedom to," Anderson said to the Washington Post, according to USA Today. 

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