MSUB City College Hosts Free Automotive Workshop

Jan. 17, 2023

The interactive class took place over the weekend. 

Jan. 17, 2023—MSUB City College in Billings, Mont. hosted a free automotive workshop geared toward women on Jan. 14, according to KULR 8. 

The class was the second free monthly workshop hosted by the college. It was an interactive class focused on helping participants learn more about what goes on under the hood.

"Cars are really expensive, used cars, the price of them is expensive, their repair bills are expensive," said automotive instructor Kat Pfau to KULR 8. "So if I can help somebody be able to learn how to check their engine oil or their brake fluid or put air in their tires so they are not running on a flat tire."

The workshops are open to the public, but Pfau said the main intention of the class is to help women become more comfortable and knowledgeable about repairs and maintenance for their cars. 

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