Idaho Jiffy Lube Looks to Expand Services

Aug. 1, 2023
A Jiffy Lube located in Fruitland, Idaho aims to expand its shop to perform light mechanical work.

A Jiffy Lube located in Fruitland, Idaho is planning to expand its shop, the Argus Observer reports.

The Fruitland Jiffy Lube is locally owned by Scott and Phillip Dechambeau and has been in business for 24 years.

The shop submitted a zone change request to the Fruitland City Council which seeks to utilize a building immediately behind its 903 N.W. 16th St location to perform light mechanical work.

“We’re just asking for the city council to allow us ... to do additional building in back, behind on the vacant property,” stated Scott Dechambeau at the recent Fruitland City Council meeting. “The Jiffy Lube will stay where it is, it’s just an additional building."

There was no public testimony received during the course of the Council meeting. The zone change was added to the meeting’s agenda as Ordinance 701, which Councilor Tom Limbaugh motioned to adopt. With Councilor Kari Peterson seconding the motion, it carried with a vote of 3-0.