Indiana Jiffy Lube Helps Rescue Groundhog From Vehicle

Sept. 25, 2023
A Jiffy Lube in Fort Wayne, Indiana helped a nearby car wash remove an uninvited guest from a customer's vehicle.

A Fort Wayne, Indiana resident recently found an uninvited guest in the front bumper of her car, WPTA reports.

A woman took her vehicle to Mike’s Car Wash after a bird had got stuck in the front grille of her car. When the car wash attendants inspected her car, however, they discovered a groundhog was stuck in the front bumper of the vehicle.

Employees from the Jiffy Lube next door came over to help handle the situation, with the Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control soon joining as well. The groundhog was alive but became increasingly agitated as the team attempted to remove him from the bumper.

“He was cute but definitely mad that we were trying to take him from his warm home,” said Jiffy Lube manager Dalton Brenneke.

The groundhog moved around so much that workers had to remove the front skid plate to offer more room, but the critter then ran toward the back of the vehicle. A left rear tire then had to be removed before the team could get the groundhog out.

Though the vehicle owner was not charged for the work done, the groundhog had furiously chewed through some wiring, racking up $500 in damages.

Following the ordeal, the groundhog, named Mike by the rescue crew, was handed over to an officer.