Advance Auto Parts Foundation Continues Support for Veteran Support Groups

Feb. 7, 2024
Donations will go towards supporting Hire Heroes USA, Building Homes for Heroes, and Stop Soldier Suicide.

The Advance Auto Parts Foundation (AAPF) has continued its support for nonprofit organizations supporting veterans with a total of $1.75 million in donations, according to a press release.

Donations from over 100 Advance Auto Parts supplier partners will go towards supporting Hire Heroes USA of Alpharetta, Georgia, Building Homes for Heroes of Island Park, New York, and Stop Soldier Suicide based in Durham, North Carolina. This is AAPF’s second year of fundraising and has brought a total of $3.75 million in donations between the three organizations.

Using earlier contributions from AAPF, Hire Heroes USA was able to establish its Women Veterans Program, which provided over 2,000 women veterans with access to career services, transition specialists, and support staff last year. This year’s donations from AAPF will help to continue the program.

Funds gifted to AAPF partner Building Homes for Heroes will be put towards the Advance Auto Parts Foundation Rapid Response Program, a group that supplies financial support to veterans in need. Last year, 130 veterans received assistance from the program.

Stop Soldier Suicide will use its received donations to build upon its wellness team, which was expanded last year thanks to previous AAPF donations, allowing the organization to provide support to over 300 veterans at no cost to them.

“The military veteran community is one of the Advance Auto Parts Foundation’s three focus areas, and we are proud to partner with our suppliers to support critical needs within that community,” said Advance Auto Parts Foundation President Elisabeth Eisleben. “Our veterans have earned the opportunity for meaningful employment, appropriate housing and mental health care, all of which are fundamental to their wellbeing.”