Costa Oil 10 Minute Oil Change Opens in Longview, Texas

April 3, 2024
Owned by Gene Pickern, the shop is described as being in the center of Longview.

Costa Oil recently opened a new location in Longview, Texas, according to FOX 40 WICZ.

The shop is described as being in the center of Longview, at 2903 Estes Parkway. It will offer 10-minute oil changes and hopes to uphold Costa’s reputation for quick and affordable service.

Owner Gene Pickern believes that the shop will provide efficiency for Longview residents, with the shop already garnering multiple positive reviews in recent weeks.

“Longview locals deserve an oil change service that respects their busy schedules, and that's what we're delivering with our 10-minute service,” said Pickern. “Whether you're an individual car owner or a local business with a fleet to maintain, Costa Oil is the one-stop destination for all your oil change needs.”