General Motors Releases Remedy for Chevy Transmission Fluid Leak

May 28, 2024
The issue includes Chevy Blazers, Traverses, and Trailblazers, due to a potential fuel leak caused by a defective transmission case.

General Motors has prescribed fixes for potential transmission fluid leaks occurring in the Chevy Blazer, Traverse, and Trailblazer, reports GM Authority.

Two numbered Customer Satisfaction Programs were issued by GM that includes 2023 to 2024 Chevy Blazers, 2023 Chevy Traverses, and 2024 Chevy Trailblazers, due to a potential fuel leak that can be caused by a defective transmission case. One of these numbers covers vehicles with FWD, with the other applying to vehicles with AWD.

The root of the problem stems from a porous area surrounding one of the transmission case’s mounting bolt holes, causing fluid to enter and leading to improper fluid levels within the transmission case.

Through June 30, 2026, GM is instructing dealers to perform a replacement of the transmission case on any affected vehicles as part of the Customer Satisfaction Program. Those who have a record of purchasing affected vehicles will be notified by GM, but known owners of exported vehicles will need to be alerted by a dealership.

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