Family-Owned Tremont Oil Company Celebrates 100 Years of Business

June 14, 2024
Since the shop was first opened in Tremont, Illinois in 1924, it's remained in the family.

Tremont Oil Company of Tremont, Illinois, is celebrating a huge milestone: 100 years of business, reports WMBD News.

The business was opened on June 14, 1924, by current owner Tom Gibson’s grandfather. In 1996, Gibson became owner of the business alongside his father and younger brother, following his uncle’s retirement.

In the 100 years they’ve been in business, they’ve remained in the same building, and Gibson is proud of the low turnover rate his shop has. The shop’s staff has been there for years, creating a sense of familiarity that’s caused long-time customers to bring their kids–who, in turn, bring their own children later in life.

“We’ve got families that have been with us for almost the entire 100 years, and it’s just gone from one generation to the next,” explained Gibson. “Being in a small community like this, you’re going to see that.”

To celebrate a century of automotive service, Tremont Oil Company will be holding a 100th anniversary celebration today with giveaways and prizes.

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