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June 22, 2022

As described in this article, new Chevron Havoline® PRO-RS™ Renewable Full Synthetic Motor Oil is a high-performance, premium synthetic motor oil that delivers both environmental benefits and provides a natural trade up option for those who want an ultra-premium product.

The lubrication industry, including both oil suppliers and fast lube shops, is making strides toward a more sustainable future. Protecting the planet is the right thing to do, and rightfully so consumers are demanding products that do this. Sustainability and climate change are their top concerns. Increasingly, consumers patronize businesses that show respect for the environment – especially those that offer high-performing, sustainable products – and these consumers are willing to pay more for products that deliver both performance and an environmental benefit(1,2). Motor oil is no different as consumers certainly do not want to compromise on performance. 

Until now, the big question for lubrication producers has been: can we develop a product that not only offers sustainability-related benefits, but also performs on par with, or even better than, the best full synthetic motor oils on the market? Now, Chevron has answered that question with a resounding “Yes!” Last year, Chevron introduced Havoline® PRO-RS™ Renewable Full Synthetic Motor Oil, a premium lubricant that delivers a triple bottom line: it’s better for the environment, better for your customers’ cars, and a better business opportunity for fast lube shops.

Let’s look at the environmental benefits first. Havoline PRO-RS is Chevron’s first passenger car motor oil made with 25% sustainably sourced plant-based oils. Its proprietary ECOSTRENGTH™ Technology blends a renewable oil derived from plant-based feedstock with a traditional base oil to produce a lubricant with all the performance attributes of a premium full synthetic. A plant-based feedstock typically does not have any of the impurities found in traditional base oils derived from crude petroleum. Moreover, the raw material is a renewable resource. As a result of this unique formulation, Havoline PRO-RS has been certified as a USDA Certified Biobased Product.

Superior Fuel Economy Retention: This graph illustrates how Havoline PRO-RS helps to maintain the oil’s original fuel economy benefit longer than typical full synthetic motor oils.(4)

In terms of performance, Havoline PRO-RS ranks atop the motor oil category as an ultra-premium product. In rigorous testing prior to launch, Havoline PRO-RS was shown to deliver the cleaning power and wear protection expected of a full synthetic, as well as excellent emission control and up to 37% lower carbon intensity(3) than similar full synthetic oils.  Havoline PRO-RS also exhibited superior fuel economy retention(4) meaning that this product helps to maintain the oil’s original fuel economy benefit longer than typical full synthetic motor oil.   Plus, Havoline PRO-RS is available in bulk, drum, and Chevron’s PitPack® 6-gallon bag-in-a-box packaging solution, that uses 89% less plastic than traditional quart bottles.

For fast lube shops, Havoline PRO-RS represents a differentiated full synthetic product offering and provides a natural trade up option. This product will appeal not only to consumers who desire the environmental benefits offered by Havoline PRO-RS, but also to those who are more performance-minded and want the benefits of an ultra-premium synthetic motor oil. For those consumers, environmental benefits from Havoline PRO-RS are an added bonus. It is a product you can recommend with confidence that it will give your consumers both the performance and the peace of mind they seek – as well as a reason to come back the next time their vehicle needs an oil service.

To learn more about Havoline PRO-RS, visit or check out this short video.

(1) Meet the 2020 Consumers Driving Change, IBM Institute for Business Value

(2) Quantitative research suggests that consumers are willing to pay more for the Havoline PRO-RS product over the price of a full-synthetic oil. (Source: Lippincott Pricing Study, Feb – April 2020).

(3) Lower carbon intensity on a lifecycle basis compared to Havoline PRO-DS® SAE 0W-20 viscosity grade; lifecycle analysis based only on cradle-to-gate analysis and does not include carbon intensity for end-of-life or any in-use aspects of the lifecycle analysis.

(4) Based on Modified Sequence VIF Fuel Economy Retention Test @ 340 hours using SAE 0W-16; compared against Havoline PRO-DS SAE 0W-16.

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